Austin Ave.

Located in the town of Truro, Austin Avenue offers an array of roadfront lots, and for families who love the outdoors, is conveniently located near multiple walking trails and parks to enjoy. Just a short drive away from the hub of Truro, you will find new sporting facilities, schools, shopping and other amenities to meet all your family’s needs.

With the beautiful 1,000+ acre Victoria Park and nearby coastal scenery, Truro has plenty to offer its residents, and Austin Avenue is a great place to build your new home.

With several available homes on Sidhu Drive, Dan & Alex Chisholm are the go-to guys for this area. This Father – Son duo is as charming as they are knowledgable.

Marchand Homes has multiple homes in this newly developed area, so call them today:

Alex: 902-830-7809

Dan 902-830-3268